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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the eligibility criteria for ABDA™ and ABDE™?

If you hold a degree or equivalent qualification in Statistics, IT, Computer Science, Engineering, Business, Finance or any related field you are eligible for the registration. If you are a final year undergraduate still you can register.

Do I need work experience?

Work experience is neither required nor mandatory for ABDA™ and ABDE™ credentials. However, if you hold only a Diploma or Associate Degree, a minimum 2 years of work experience in working with data/statistics or analytics is required.

What do I get once I register?

Once you register with us, you will receive a confirmation email including all the details about the class, payment instructions and other requirements such as computer specifications and software to be used.  And once we register with DASCA, you will receive the ABDA™ or ABDE™ study units, digital study material and exam token.

When should I register for the exam?

You need to sit for the exam within 180 days from the registration date. Our course duration is 16 weeks, and along the way we will remind you on when you have to register.

How is the exam conducted?

Exam conducted online and real-time proctored. You can sit for the exam at your convenience by verifying your computer with ExamStrong™.

How long will it take to receive the exam results?

Soon after you submit the online test the results can be seen. You will also reveive an email from DASCA stating the results of the exam. If you successfully passed the exam, you will receive an official certificate known as Credential kit. In addition you will get a verified digital certification to add the credential to your profile.




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