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“Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”


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Who is a Data Scientist?

The most discussed buzzword now in the industry, a Data Scientist explores data and build models to deliver value for the business. At the moment, there is a huge demand for Data Scientists in the Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Service industries. 

The role of a Data Scientist is different from the role of a  traditional Business Analyst or Statistician. Compared to a Statistician or Business Analyst, a Data Scientist needs to understand the key business initiatives within the organisation and at the same time know how to explore data and build data analytical models using tools and technologies.

who is a data scientist?
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How do I become a qualified Data Scientist here in Sri Lanka?

The Boffin Institute of Data Science introduces Data Science certification offered by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA). This certification program enables professionals and students to pursue their careers in Data Science, Big Data Analytics and Big Data Engineering.

DASCA is the world’s most respected 3rd party standards, accreditation and certification body for Data Science. It’s vendor-neutral and independent from other interests. All other certifications are offered by organisations that have interests vested in promoting their training, education, or software platforms/ products.

If you are a professional currently working in the industry or a final year student graduating with a major in Statistics, Computer Science, Applied Sciences, Engineering, Finance, Marketing or Management you can now register with us to gain the globally recognised qualifications required to be a Big Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer or Data Scientist.

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Next intake starting in April 2024

 Course fee: LKR 275,000

  • – Course duration: 16 weeks
  • – Class will be conducted on Saturdays from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm 
  • – Maximum number of participants per intake is 15
  • – Classes will be conducted online using Google Classroom. 
  • Download the ABDA™ brochure here.
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Next intake starting in May 2024

Course fee: LKR 300,000

  • – Course duration: 18 weeks
  • – Class will be conducted on Sundays from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
  • – Maximum number of participants per intake is 15
  • – Classes will be conducted online using Google Classroom. 
  • Download the SBDA™ brochure here.
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Course fee: LKR 275,000

  • – Course duration: 16 weeks
  • – Maximum number of participants per intake is 15
  • – Classes will be conducted online using Google Classroom. 
  • Download the ABDE™ brochure here.
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Course fee: LKR 300,000

  • – Course duration: 18 weeks
  • – Maximum number of participants per intake is 15
  • – Classes will be conducted online using Google Classroom. 
  • Download the SBDE™ brochure here.

Boffin Institute of Data Science

Boffin Institute of Data Science is a DASCA Authorised Education Provider in Sri Lanka. The institute started in June 2020 with the vision of becoming the leading knowledge partner for Data Science in the corporate and academic sector in the region.

Currently, we have delivered several training programs for business professionals and corporates. Most of our participants are from the areas of Finance, Supply Chain, IT, Marketing and Management. 

In striving toward our development goals, we are delighted to offer the DASCA Certifications to the business professionals in Sri Lanka. Our DASCA certification program will be taught by a highly qualified team of instructors. 

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“I stepped into the data science field with the ABDA course. As a beginner, it was easy to understand the concepts due to interactive teaching methods. Theories were simplified by relating to real-world applications. Hence, I was able to apply these learnings to my job role. While thanking the Boffin Institute for their excellent teaching approach, I am looking forward to exploring further into the data science field.”

Mandira Perera
Business Transformation Lead
Ansell Lanka Pvt Ltd

ABDA™ program includes a well-balanced curriculum which covers the breadth of the data science and the big data topics.  While perusing the ABDA I learnt fundamentals in data science such as data cleaning and manipulation to advanced topics such as ML and Hadoop. The specialty of the Boffin Institute and Its instructors are they simplify all the complex theories by adding real-world scenarios to understand them easily.

Randula Devanjith
Data Scientist
Dialog Axiata PLC

The ABDA™ course was extremely enjoyable yet progressive at the same time. The instructors that delivered the course material did so with practical examples and were extremely open to any questions or clarifications we had. The content provided a vital platform and foundation for the practice of the various forms of interventions used in the field of Data Science.”

Afza Razaaq
Data Scientist
Effective Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

“The lecture panel at Boffin Institute helped to improve my big data knowledge and skills through the ABDA™ course. The course was well designed and the lessons always focused on applying the classroom knowledge to the real world. The specialised lectures helped me to understand complex theories very well. My ABDA™ achievement was successful with Boffin Institute”

Kushan Sameera
Nanyang Technological University

“Boffin Institute of Data Science is the ideal platform to pursue knowledge in data analytics. It directed me towards the avenue of obtaining the renowned certification of ABDA™ offered by the Data Science Council of America.
I offer my sincere gratitude to the Boffin Institute of Data Science for guiding me to achieve an excellent level of experience and knowledge through their immense effort”

Sabeena Dias
Functional Consultant
Fortude Inc.

This course suits for any professional with or without experience in Data Science to step into this field or shape up their career path as an added qualifications. Content and the learnings of the course are timely. Course instructor was always helpful and well experienced in the field. Learnings of the course really helped me to enhance my skills and knowledge.

Isuru Iddagoda
Business Intelligence Analyst
Hemas Pharmaceuticals

It was a well structured course and helped in understanding the data science concepts and how it can be applied to solve real-world problems.Also Thisara has an excellent ability to explain complex topics in simplified manner and provided insights in how complex issues can be solved using data science.

Yasantha Lalith
Finance Controller
Capital Alliance Group of Companies

What is unique about DSBP programme is that it provides the essentials of Data Science with a hands on training approach, the ideal blend of theoretical and practical aspects of learning has helped me get an overall understanding of Data Science and the practical applications of it within a business context in a very short time span.

Rajeendra Wickramarathna
Senior Manager Finance – Supply Chain
Hemas Consumer Brands

“ABDA™ has been a unique learning experience for me compared to my other degrees and qualifications. The hands-on teaching approach and real-life applications helped me immensely to understand the materials. This helped me to apply them in my job role and I hope this renowned accreditation will open many doors in the international level”

Anjana Wijekoon
Senior Manager-Finance & Planning
Bio Foods Pvt Ltd

“ABDA™ gave me the platform to embrace a whole new world in data science opening a wide range of career opportunities. What’s most important is being a final year undergraduate in the management domain, I could smoothly grasp the concepts of data science without any hassle due to excellent teaching provided by all the instructors at Boffin Institute with real-world applications.”

Pamal Rojitha
Associate Business Analyst
Azend Technologies



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